No Special Equipment Required

Photography is one of the greatest art forms that has come out of the modern era. Giving users the ability to capture a moment in time and allowing them to share that moment with the rest of the world. Photography can help to create emotion and allow a user to tell a story. But not every photo can create a store. Here are five tips for creating better stories.

Lighting Is Key

Imagine if the world was dark. You would not be able to see your surroundings. This is the same idea behind photography. A camera cannot see in the dark. You must add the light so the camera can see. Some of the best ways to gain this light are using the light from the sun. The sun can create amazing lighting for photos. Just remember that you want the lighting to your back or it will cause your subject to turn black.

What about taking photos once the sun sets? Well, the next best thing would be to turn on as many lights as you possible. If you feel very adventurous, you can turn your camera into manual mode and open up the aperture allowing the camera to take in more light. You may also want to change your iso to also adjust for the dim lighting conditions.

Focus, Focus, Focus

No one likes blurry photos. Remember to get your subject in focus before clicking that button. There is no editing software that can fix an image that is out of focus. So remember to always focus on taking a photo. If you can not decide whether or not your subject is in focus, think about taking multiple photos with different focuses.

Capture a Story

What is your photo trying to say? Why are you taking this photo? When deciding on a photo to take, think about the message the photo is trying to relay. Create your photos around a story. This will give the photos more emotion and allows others to re-live your feelings. By adding an emotional appeal, you will create more dramatic photos which can capture an audience’s attention.

No One Like Boring

Not every photo needs to be taken. Remember to only select the best photos to take. If you are not selective you wind up with hundreds of photos to sort through. This makes the editing process a lot more complicated and choosing what photos to use nearly impossible.

Save All Your Photos

My final tip is to always be saving. I have watched many people lose their memories with one accidental click. Remember to always save your work and to back that work on external devices.  

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